BMX Racing | National Cup 2021

The AusCycling BMX National Cup aims to be as accessible to all riders by providing local opportunities while recognising the importance of State/Territory and National competition.

Every Australian BMX race will now be classified into one of four categories determined by the standard of the event. These four (4) categories are:

Platinum: National Championships
Gold: National Level Races
Silver: State Series Races
Bronze: Open Races

The AusCycling BMX National Cup is a series events where riders can earn points in Platinum, Gold and Silver events. Series events can start on 1 January and lasts until the AusCycling National BMX Championships.

The AusCycling BMX National Cup is designed to provide a clear progression pathway from State/Territory competition to the National level.

The National Cup will build momentum by leading through State and National events to State/Territory Championships and culminate in the AusCycling National BMX Championships.

What Is The Format?

The AusCycling BMX National Cup includes races from across Australia including State/Territory Series, State/Territory Championships, nominated National events and the AusCycling National BMX Championships.

Throughout the season riders are awarded points from their best results from up to eight (8) races which include:

Best four (4) BMX Silver Races (State/Territory Series): this includes up to 3 State Series Rounds + the State/Territory Championships.
Best four (4) BMX National Races: this includes up to 3 National Rounds + the AusCycling National BMX Championships.

Note: Bronze Level (Open) events are not part of the National Cup

What Is The Format Of The National Cup Calendar?

What Happened To The BMX National Series?

Feedback from our riders and their supporters was that the national competition structure did not deliver value for all stakeholders and needed better alignment to the development pathway. The new AusCycling BMX National Cup structure provides riders a more accessible way to participate.

What Are The Events In The AusCycling BMX National Cup For 2021?

A breakdown of the BMX National Cup can be seen below.

For a full state breakdown, please refer to the document at the bottom of this page.

How Does The Point System Work Across The Different Events?

The AusCycling BMX National Cup Competition points will be awarded based on the overall finishing place within each round multiplied by the value of the round.

For a full points schedule, click the link below:

How Will COVID-19 Affect The National Cup In 2021?

The current pandemic is clearly affecting life and will continue into 2021. As any restrictions change, we will continue to review the situation and if any changes to the series are required, they will be communicated immediately.

What Is Happening With The Mighty 11’S?

The Mighty 11’s will run during the 2021 NSW BMX Extreme Pre-State Championships at Hawkesbury BMX Club. Further details about the Mighty 11s and the qualification process will be released shortly.

Why Has The National Championships Moved To Later In The Year?

The optimal date for the National BMX Championships has always been a matter of significant discussion. Rider development was the key consideration in with the development of a new competition structure and date that would allow riders to build their season through their club, State/Territory and National rounds before reaching the State/Territory and National BMX Championships.

Additionally, the development of the National Cup should culminate with the National BMX Championships, as the pinnacle domestic event.

What Is Happening With WA BMX Clubs?

While we have been excited to welcome all WA BMX clubs to AusCycling BMX Western Australia has yet agreed to join.

Once this occurs we will look forward to working with the WA BMX Clubs to immediately releasing a Western Australia series as part of the new AusCycling BMX National Cup.

Why Have You Chosen A Date That Conflicts With School Exams?

Throughout the development of the new competition structure we engaged with the various State and Territory education departments. While 2020 has seen later exams dates all State and Territory education departments confirmed that Year 12 exams would be finished prior to the late November period in 2021.

Further engagement with the education sector confirmed that the exam period can vary over a 8 week period depending on the specific school. We believe that by having the Championships as late in November as possible it will limit the number of riders that this will impact.

How Will Selections Be Made For The 2021 BMX World Championships?

With the cancellation of the 2020 BMX National Championships and UCI BMX World Championships selection criteria for the 2021 UCI BMX World Championships will be based on the 2019 UCI BMX World and BMXA National Championships.

Automatic selections will be made from:

Top 16 at the 2019 UCI BMX World Championships
Top 16 at the 2019 BMXA National Championship

The selection criteria defining how riders will be selected for World Championship entry qualification where the Australian categories conducted at BMX National Championships do not align with UCI BMX World Championship categories. This criteria will be made available once the 2021 UCI BMX World Championship categories are confirmed.

Riders who do not meet the automatic top 16 selection criteria will be able to submit an expression of interest for consideration by AusCycling for any remaining team spots.

The above section does not apply to the Elite and Junior Elite categories which are selected through the Australian Cycling Team selection criteria.

Where Can I Find The State Open (Bronze) Events?

Stay tuned to your local State or Territory Facebook/Webpage pages for any details of Open events as they are determined.

For a full breakdown of the 2021 BMX National and State Series/Championships calendar, click the link below.